1.Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
2.Handle Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
3.Product line of circumgyrate bottle cap
4.Desk ration grain-counting machine
5.Bottle arranging machine / conveyor table
6.Vacuum Packaging Machine
7.Automatic folding machine
8.Solid-ink coding machine / Automatic printing machine
9.Grain/Liquid/Powdered packing machine/Automatic Electronic Weighing Filling Machine
10.Automatic self-adhesive label Pealing machine/Labeler
11.Film sealing machine/Ultrasonic type tube sealing machine
12.Strapping machine
13.Shrinking machine / sealing cutter machine

    Wenzhou Xinyi Packing Machinery Factory is located in globally well known coastal city -------Wenzhou, in which economic is developed and transportation is convenient .We are industrial factory in capable of self-design, manufacture and sale. We mainly specialize in manufacturing Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer, Bottle-arranging Machine, Automatic liquid filling machine, Solid-ink Coding Machine, Half-automatic Strapping Machine, Solid-ink Coding Continuous Sealer, Blister Sealing Machine, Automatic Folding Machine, Skin Packaging Machine, Shrink Packaging Machine, Vacuum Packaging Machine, Sealing Cutter Machine, Electromotive Printing Ink Marking Machine, Conveyer Table, Compound Aluminium Foil Pad, Dry Ink Wheel, Zinc-alloy Word Drains, etc.
    We explore market on the base of quality, take honesty as our cardinal principle, adopt view of establishing brand, offer all-round service after sale. Service to you , communicate with you, obtain the confidence of you. Our products are sold to all over the world, such as south-east Asia, south America, Africa, Taiwan, etc.
    Welcome you to our factory for a visit.