>> Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
>> Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine
>> Bottle Arranging Machine、Conveyer Table
>> Handle Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
>> Automatic liquid filling machine
>> Half-automatic strapping machine
>> Automatic coding machine
>> Solid-ink coding machine
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>> Sealing cutter machine
>> Compound aluminium foil pad
>> Consumptive material
Compound aluminium foil pad 
    There are compound aluminium foil pads that could endure normal atmospheric temperature or high atmospheric temperature for your choose to match to Series electromagnetic induction sealing machine. Rolling material that have not been punched and punch pad in all specification, at inexpensive price and timely delivery.
Dry Ink Wheel 
 Size 36×32mm 36×15mm
 Color Black、red、blue、yellow、white
Zinc-alloy Character Module 
 Type 8PT-R/T 8PT-TDouble-character Module 10.5PT-R/T 18PT-R/T
 Word Height 2mm 2mm 3mm 5mm
Dry ink wheel and Zinc-alloy word module attach to MY-380F Automatic Solid-ink coding Machine and FRM-980 Continuous Solid-ink coding sealer for joint operation.