1.Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
2.Product line of circumgyrate bottle cap
3.Bottle arranging machine / conveyor table
4.Vacuum Packaging Machine
5.Automatic folding machine
6.Solid-ink coding machine / Automatic printing machine
7.Film sealing machine/Ultrasonic type tube sealing machine
8.Strapping machine
9.Shrinking machine / sealing cutter machine
Shrinking machine

TF6540+ BS5540L
Heat Shrink Pakage Machine
The continuous shrink packaging machine adopts quariz far-infrated tube as heating source, the shrinking temperature and conveyance speed are stable and adjustable. The packed products can be sealed well, prevented from getting damp and protected against knocks. It is suitable for tight wrapping packaging of many-pieces articles and tray packaging.
Technical parameter
Model TF6540
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/50
Power(kw) 1.5
Max. Packing Size(mm) 530×330×380
Conveying Speed(m/min) 12
Max. Sealing Length(mm) 650
Conveyor Height (mm) 800+50
Working Air Pressure(kgf/cm2)) 6-8
External Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 1550× 1400 ×1920
Net Weight(kg) 400

Model BS5540L
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 380/50 或 220/50
Power(kw) 25
Heating Furnace Size(L×W×H)(mm) 1950 ×550× 400
Conveyor Height (mm) 700(Adjustable)
Loading(kg) 100
Film Used PE、PVC、POF
Speed(m/min) 0-8
External Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 3150× 750 ×1450
Net Weight(kg) 350
Semiautomatic Sleeve Sealing Machine

Description: TF6540SA semiautomatic sleeve sealing Machine can be pushed manually or pneumatically. After the process of sealing&cutting, the products enter the shrink tunnel automatically. The machine is suitable for shrink packing both single object and combined objects. Shrink packing for many industries, such as printing, pharmacy, floor, chinaware, beverage, beer etc. It's suitable for all kinds of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP , PE etc
Model TF-6540SA
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Power(kw) 1.5
Max. Packing Size(mm) 550×400×380
Max. Sealing Length(mm) 650
Working Air Pressure(kgf/cm2) 5~7
External Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 925×1040×1920
Net Weight(kg) 300

sealing cutter machine  



 Sealing cutter machine is ideal auxiliary equipment of the BS series shrink packaging machine. It can also be used separately to cut the shrink film into requited sizes. After packing the objects with cut shrink film, put the packed objects into shrink packaging machine to complete the packaging process.
Technical parameter:






 Max Power


 Max Sealing Surface



 Heat Time


 Producing Capacity


 Machine Size(L×W×H)



 Machine Weight



Shrink Tunnel

Description: BS-A series shrink tunnel adopts hot-wind & down-cyclone structure, intelligence temperature control and AC variable speed regulation. There are two optional conveyors, including Teflon belt type and roller type. Features: Both the height of tunnel and shutters on two sides are adjustable. Shrink wrapping machine BS-3020A & BS-4525A adopts single hot wind tunnel, shrink wrapping machine BS-4535LA & BS-6535LA are designed with lengthened double hot wind tunnel for higher and better shrinking effect.
Moudle BS-3020A BS-4525A BS-4535LA BS-6535LA
Voltage(V/Hz) 220/50(single phase) 380/50(3 phase) 220/60(3 phase) 220/50(single phase) 380/50(3 phase) 220/60(3 phase) 380/50(3 phase) 220/60(3 phase) 380/50(3 phase) 220/60(3 phase)
Power(kw) 5.1 6.5 9.6 9.6
Loading(kg) 10 10 30 30
Speed(m/min) 0~10 0~10 0~10 0~10

Tunnel Size

900×300×(50~200) 900×450×(50~250) 1200×450×(50~350) 1200×650×(50~350)
External Dimensions
1200×500×1050 1200×650×1100 1600×650×1200 1600×850×1200
Net Weight(kg) 60 90 120 150
L-seal hood shrink packaging machin

Description: L-seal hood shrink packaging machine combines sealing with shrinking into one step. It suitable for all kinds of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP etc. And the transparent cover makes the process of sealing & cutting and shrinking be visible. It is equipped with height adjustable stainless steel conveying mesh, among the three models, the shrink wrapping machine BSF-5540A is used to convey the packed products out automatically so as to double packing capacity. Features: 1. Perfect sealing without cracking and coking for adopting nano-fiber cutter holder and anti-sticking thermo-stable nichrome cutter. 2. Special-designed roller with pin to produce small holes on the film to release air. 3. Adjustable sliding film support according to the size of packing object. 4. Low power consumption, only 2.5kw/hour on average. 5. With thermo-stable and durable plastic cutter clip. 6. Inside the chamber, adjustable package support to meet different products' sizes. 7. Can be moved or fixed freely for truckles with brake fixed on the bottom of supporting base. 8.Can be operated continuously for a long time without overheating ambient environment. Application: 1. This shrink wrapping machine is widely applied for outer shrink packing of various products, such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, video disc, hardware, cosmetics, book, toy and electronic products etc. 2.To shrink wrapping the combined products in supermarket for sales promotion, such as foodstuff, beverage, cosmetics, presswork and toy etc. 3. To use in place where there is restriction on space, such as supermarket, monopolization shop, office and some laboratory etc
Moudle BSF-4030 BSF-5540 BSF-5540A BSF-7060
Voltage(V/Hz) Single Phase 220/50 Single Phase 220/50 Single Phase 220/50 Single Phase 220/50
Power(kw) 3.8< 4 4.2 4
Packing Speed
500-800 500-800 800-1000 500-800
Max. Packing Size
350×250×100 400×300×100 400×300×100 500×400×120

Max. Sealing &
Cutting Size L×W×H(mm)

400×300 550×400 550×400> 700×600
External Dimensions
1215×590×1020 1380×690×1065 1985×690×1065 1720×950×1100
Net Weight(kg) 100 125 140 165
Skin Packaging Machine

Description: TB series skin packaging machines are easy to operate and can pack all kind of products without adoption of moulds. The packed goods are transparent, beautiful, with strong stereoscopic impression and even can be protected from damp and dust.
Moudle TB-390 TB-540
Voltage(V/Hz) 220/50(Single phase)
380/50(3 phase)
220/60(3 phase)
380/50(3 phase)
220/60(3 phase)
Total Power (W) 7.5 12
Packaging Area(mm) 390×540 540×780
Packing Speed(pcs/h) 50~60 50~60

Package Material

PVC  PE Skin packaging film PVC  PE Skin packaging film
Film Width (mm) 450 600
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1500×600×1350 1740×750×1350
Net Weight (kg)) 135 195