>> Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
>> Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine
>> Bottle Arranging Machine、Conveyer Table
>> Handle Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
>> Automatic liquid filling machine
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>> Automatic coding machine
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>> Electromotive printing ink marking machine
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>> Compound aluminium foil pad
>> Consumptive material

    FRM-980 series solid-ink coding continuous sealer & FRQ-980 series continuous aerating sealer, is suitable for kinds of sealing materials. It has some functions such as adjustable stepless speed, constant temperature controlling and adjustable temperature; so it is widely used in many fields. The machine can print the desired designs simultaneously with sealing. With the characters clear and conspicuous. The colors are selectable clear and uneasy to decay and unchangeable, instant printing and instant dry, with strong adhesion. It can print R model two lines of No.4 characters (PT18). Three lines of No.5 characters (PT10.5). FRM-980 series have all kinds of machine to be selected by user, FROM-980III and FRQ-980III continuous aerating sealer can be suitable for packing the easy broken objects or bulking foodstuff with high efficiency. FRQM-980III can print the desired designs simultaneously with sealing.

 Technology Parameters:
 Model FRM-980I Horizontal Sealer FRQ-980、FRMQ-980 Aerating Dry-ink Sealer
 Voltage AC    220V/50Hz   110V/60Hz
 Motor Power 130W 315W
 Heater Power 220W×2
 Sealing Speed 0-12m/min
 Sealing Width 8mm、10mm
 Temperature Range 0-300℃
 Printing Category Solid-ink
 Height From The Sealing Centre to The Conveying Table 10-40mm
 Single Thickness ≦0.08mm
 Length of Table 930×150mm 1050×150mm
 Single Conveyor Loading ≦1kg
 Overall Conveyor Loading ≦3kg
 Machine Size(L×W×H) 950×400×430mm 1050×560×900mm
 Weight 45kg

    This series machine is suitable for small bags packaging and adopts electronic Constant Temperature control system and stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism. It can seal plastic films of various materials. If necessary, pressing wheel and counting device can be fixed to it as well.
 Technology Parameters    
 Model FR-800 continuous sealer
 Voltage AC  220V/50Hz   110V/60Hz
 Total Power 500w
 Sealing Speed 0-12m/min
 Sealing Width 8mm、10mm
 Height From The Sealing Centre to The Conveying Table 10-40mm 150-270mm 10-40mm
 Temperature Range 0-300℃
 Printing Category Steel pressing wheel printing
 Single Conveyor Loading ≤1kg
 Overall Conveyor Loading ≤3kg
 Machine Size(L×W×H) 880×420×320mm 800×380×550mm 800×420×1000mm
 Weight 30kg 35kg 38kg


  QF-600L Pneumatic Sealer is suitable for sealing various plastic film bags and Al-plastic compound bag with max sealing length of 600mm and max carrying load of 50kg. It adopts compressed air as motive power with adjustable sealing pressure and reliable sealing quality, and its sealing operation can be controlled by manual or by foot stamping. For thicker bag, QF-600L/S double heating sealer is adopted. According to special order, its sealing length can be lengthened to 700mm、800mm、1000mm. This machine equipment in the fields of chemical industry, foodstuff, forage and so on.
 Technology Parameters    
 Model QF-600L QF-600L/S
 Voltage AC220V/50HZ
 Hot sealing power 250W 500W
 Air compressor Equipped by user
 Sealing lenght 600mm、700mm、800mm、1000mm
 Sealing width 8mm、10mm
 Size from sealing centre to floor 1120mm
 Film thickness (Single) ≤0.10mm ≤0.18mm
 Height of packing bag 450-750mm
 Max sealing loading 50Kg
 Pressing Head's adjustable angle 20°
 Dimension (L×W×H) 720×560×1340(mm)
 Weight 80kg 83kg
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