>> Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
>> Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine
>> Bottle Arranging Machine、Conveyer Table
>> Handle Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealer
>> Automatic liquid filling machine
>> Half-automatic strapping machine
>> Automatic coding machine
>> Solid-ink coding machine
>> Automatic folding machine
>> Electromotive printing ink marking machine
>> Thermal coding machine
>> Solid-ink coding continuous sealer
>> Continuous aerating sealer
>> Automatic continuous band sealer
>> Pneumatic sealer
>> Vacuum packaging machine
>> Vacuum aeration packaging machine
>> Vacuum gas-filling packaging machine
>> Blister sealing machine
>> Skin packaging machine
>> Shrink packaging machine
>> Shrink packing machine
>> Sealing cutter machine
>> Compound aluminium foil pad
>> Consumptive material


    The continuous shrink packaging machine adopts quariz far-infrated tube as heating source, the shrinking temperature and conveyance speed are stable and adjustable. The packed products can be sealed well, prevented from getting damp and protected against knocks. It is suitable for tight wrapping packaging of many-pieces articles and tray packaging.
    There are Net carried belt and roll chain to be chosen in carrier part.
    Overlong Shrinking tunnel, brain-power temperature controller with figure, closing heat wind recycle inside.
    Control by frequency conversion, brainpower temper controller with figure, closing heat wind recycle inside.
Technology Parameters:  
 Model BS4515-TY BS4525-TY BS4535-TY BS7525-TY BS6040-PE BS5025-PE
 Power 380V/220V 8KW 380V 10KW 380V 12KW 380V 14KW 380V 28KW 380V 22KW
 Max Temperature 210℃ 220℃
 Size of Tunnel(mm) 1200×450×150 1200×450×250 1200×450×350 1200×750×250 2000×600×400 2000×500×250
 Speed 0-12m/min
 Height of convey 710mm 760mm
 Weight 20kg 30kg (Frequency Conversion)100 (Frequency Conversion)100
 Machine Size
1600×650×1250 1600×650×1350 1600×650×1450 1600×950×1350 3300×800×1500 3000×700×1350
 Weight 140kg 160kg 180kg 200kg 500kg 400kg


    Applications:Foods, electronics, stationery, books, drugs, cosmetics, electrical applicants, toys……
    Features:1、Only one operator is needed.
              2、Electromagnet to hold the hood.
              3、Teflon coated sealing bars.
              4、Save space, save manpower, save energy.
Technology Parameters:

Unit Model
 Max, Shrinkable
 Size (L×W×H)
mm 500×400×250
 Average Output pcs/min 10
 Machine Size (L×W×H) mm 1390×800×1450
 Power Supply V/1ph 220
 Max Power kw 2.8


Technology Parameters:    
    Sealing cutter machine is ideal auxiliary equipment of the BS series shrink packaging machine. It can also be used separately to cut the shrink film into requited sizes. After packing the objects with cut shrink film, put the packed objects into shrink packaging machine to complete the packaging process.
 Model BSF-501 SP-450
 Voltage 220V/50Hz
 Max Power 1KW(instant)
 Max Sealing Surface 500×350mm 450×450mm
 Heat Time 0-2Sec
 Producing Capacity 8-12/min
 Machine Size(L×W×H) 950×550×650mm 620×450×140mm
 Machine Weight 35kg 11.5kg
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